Eines unserer innovativen Forschungsprojekte im Bereich Big Data und Microbiome wurde von uns auf der Permides Abschlusskonferenz vorgestellt.

Project Summary

Bio-Me AS is a Norwegian-based biotech company, and the culmination of 20 years’ research on best ways to detect various bacteria in communities. This research has led to novel, patented technologies and new approaches in bacterial analysis.

Leveraging on the vast information of gut bacteria and their function, Bio-Me plans to expand on harnessing the available data to discover novel connections between lifestyle, genetics and microbiome patterns. To achieve this, a comprehensive database containing integrated datasets combined with sophisticated big data analytics will be set up and used for the discovery of novel connections between lifestyle, genetics and microbiome patterns.

Pharma challenge

Discover novel associations between the gut microbiome and health, and thus become the premier service provider for Pharma and Food companies in developing gut microbiome based approaches to Precision Medicine and Personalized Nutrition solutions.

IT solution challenge
A smart combination of top-notch big-data analytics  are applied to a  growing pool of data from various soucres.

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